MX 7800

The latest in branch transaction automation through the self-service channels. The MX7800i is a multi-function, free-standing island terminal, which is much more than a simple ATM. Standard features and state-of-the art software enable consumers to perform traditional ATM functions and many teller transactions typically delivered in the branch drive-thru. More complex activities are completed at this terminal with the use of powerful, on-demand remote video assistance.

MX 8800

Hyosung’s newly minted MX8800 automated technology enables customers to perform routine banking transactions on their own or with the assistance of a branch associate.

MX 7600i

The 7600i is a full service island ATM. Consumers can deposit cash and receive dispensed cash and transaction records.. Installed in drive-up locations or shopping center parking areas, the island ATM is a versatile, easily maintained delivery system that can be modified to accommodate any bank’s needs.

MX 7600DR

The 7600DR ATM gives a new look for your customer as a drive-up-rear-access wall type ATM solution. This compact, convenient ATM can still be easily installed and operated as well as offering traditional cash dispense functionality, both cash and checks can be deposited directly into the ATM.

MX 7600FFL

The 7600FFL is designed to meet the everyday demands of immediate cash needs for individuals with a compact size to fit in virtually any place. This ATM is connected to a network processor to verify accounts and any other inquires through the insertion of a customer’s card. The 7600FFL is easy to use, easy to service and is able to support customer’s needs.

MX 5600

The 5600 features superior and reliable performance with various functions including cash withdrawal, card retraction,receipt printing and dot-matrix Journal printing or electronic journal. Its superior Cash Dispensing Unit reduces transaction time and minimizes downtime. The 5600 handles 4 cassettes for maximum capacity and 4 denominations.

MX 2700

The 2700 features a user-friendly interface with a large 10.1″ display screen and tactile touch function keys. A significant advantage of the 2700 ATM is its high-capacity note storage able to accommodate up to three removable cassettes. Very easy to maintain with little operational intervention.



The 500 provides a more secure and efficient cash management environment. Cash can be directly loaded and unloaded, decreasing cash handling  and reducing risk for fraudulent activity. The 500 includes a self-auditing feature without need to physically remove cash from the unit. This unit decreases customer wait times and reduces teller counting errors.


The 400A provides enhanced productivity and security for the branch. By simplifying cash transactions, the 400A reduces back office task and wait times, improving customer satisfaction and branch sales performance.